Over the years we have found many mistakes made by amateurs during the sauna construction process. We want to save you some hassle by providing these quick tips for maximum safety and comfort. Clearances to Combustibles There are minimum clearances … Continue reading

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As the heating season draws to a close, and before you lay the fireplace to rest, there are some maintenance items you should  perform depending on the type of fireplace you have. A full fireplace or stove cleaning ensures you are … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air and spring cleaning comes to mind as we prepare to enjoy our summers.  While in spring cleaning mode, don’t forget about your furnace and air conditioner.  Some simple maintenance could pay off handsomely in comfort … Continue reading

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Before determining what type of heater is required you first need to determine how often you will be using it, where it will be located and how many people you need to accommodate. You have several options, and one type … Continue reading

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Dreaming of a fireplace but think it’s beyond your budget? Masonry wood fireplaces are majestic and beautiful but costly to build, inefficient and difficult to add after initial home construction. However there are economical and efficient alternatives available today that … Continue reading

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Everyone dreams of owning a fireplace for the warmth and ambiance they bring.  With masonry fireplaces being bulky and cost prohibitive, zero clearance fireplaces fit the bill, with flexible and hassle free installation. A zero clearance fireplace can be installed … Continue reading

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There is more to consider than just how the outside of your fireplace will look when completed. Though the final decor is critical, what goes inside is as important to ensure your investment will provide the lasting benefits of owning … Continue reading

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Dreaming of fireplace? Heating bills forever rising? Home have cool rooms? A natural gas or propane fireplace could be just the solution you need for adding heat, coziness and save energy dollars. There are several reasons why gas or propane … Continue reading

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With Christmas around the corner you are probably busy decorating your home for the season and and gift purchasing. Don’t forget about your fireplace when it comes to holiday decorating and your loved one’s fireplace when it comes to gift … Continue reading

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Backup heating options for your family this winter. You don’t have to live totally off the grid to see the benefits of an off the grid or backup heating option in your house. Most homeowners will continue to rely on … Continue reading

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