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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Q: How do I choose what type of heating appliance I want?

A: The type of heating appliance you need depends on the type of fuel you want to burn and the square footage of the area that you need to heat.

Q: What are the different costs involved between fuel types?

A: Your total annual heating cost will depend on the price of fuel, the efficiency of your system and the energy efficiency of your home. Heating a poorly insulated home with an outdated inefficient system that consumes a high priced fuel will cost the most.

Q: How will my insurance be affected if I get a gas or wood appliance?

A: We recommend that you discuss all insurance related questions with your insurance provider. Generally there are no problems with insurance as long as your system is installed according to all applicable codes.. For more information please consult our insurance section.

Q: Do I need a building permit to install a new chimney?

A: We suggest you check with your local building authority as to whether or not a building permit is required.

Q: Can I buy my appliance online?

A: At this time we do not offer an online shopping service. Online shopping may be offered at a future date.

Q: How do I know what size of insert will fit into my existing fireplace?

A: We have created a form detailing the measurements required to fit an insert into a fireplace. Once the measurements are taken we do a scale drawing of your fireplace and then compile a list of inserts to choose from.

Q: Is there not a certified wood burning sauna heater?

A: No. Currently there is no CSA standard written for wood burning sauna heaters.

Company FAQ

Q: How can I contact Nordic Energy Systems?

A: We can be contacted by phone, fax or email. Please visit our contact page for more information.

Q: Where is Nordic Energy Systems located?

A: We are located in the south end of the City of Greater Sudbury, on Long Lake Road. Please visit our location page for directions.

Q: How long has Nordic Energy Systems been in business?

A: We have been in operation since 1979.

Wood Appliance FAQ

Q: What are the different types of wood appliances available?

A: There are four types of wood appliances available, i) zero clearance fireplaces ii) freestanding wood stoves iii) fireplace inserts iv) indoor and outdoor boilers.

Q: Can I use an uncertified appliance?

A: The Installation Code for Solid-Fuel_burning Appliances and Equipment, CAN/CSA-B365-01, addresses the installation requirements for uncertified appliances. We recommend that you check with your insurance provider as to whether or not they will accept a properly installed uncertified wood burning appliance.

Q: Do I need a licensed installer to install my wood stove or fireplace?

A: No, but the installations must be performed by an experienced and trained person. The installation must be done in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions and comply with the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction. A person with a valid Wood Energy Technical Training (W.E.T.T) certificate would be considered qualified.

Q: How can I reduce the clearance to combustibles?

A: Properly sized and installed heat shields can reduce required clearances by as much as 84%

Q: What is a pellet stove?

A: Pellet stoves are heating appliances that are designed to burn pelletized fuels made from wood, corn or other biomass wastes.

Gas Appliance FAQ

Q: Will my natural gas appliance work on propane?

A: Most new gas appliances are shipped from the factory setup for natural gas. The licensed gas installer will be able to convert the unit to propane.

Q: Can I install my new gas appliance myself?

A: No, the activation of the appliance must be done by an appropriately licenced technician.

Q: What is the difference between natural vent and direct vent?

A: Natural vent uses room air for combustion whereas direct vent uses outside air for combustion.

Q: Can I service my gas appliance myself?

A: There are certain cleaning functions a homeowner can do, but the inspections and testing of safety components need to be done by a qualified technician.

Q: Can I clean the inside surface of my gas appliance?

A: Yes, using the appropriate cleaner.

Q: Do I have to have an existing gas line into my house?

A: No, however, the gas supplier will have their own requirements and regulations to install the gas line up and into your home.  Apply early in the year for new service.

Venting/Chimney FAQ

Q: Can my gas or oil chimney be used for a wood stove?

A: In most case no. Wood stove chimney's must meet the CSA standard S-629.

Q: What is the difference between single and double walled stove pipe?

A: Single wall pipe is a minimum 24 gauge mild steel and requires 18" clearance to combustible material. Double wall pipe has an interior stainless steel pipe surrounded by heat shield and in most cases requires 6" clearance to combustibles.

Q: Will my new appliance require a flue pipe damper?

A: No. Combustion is controlled with the air control on the stove.  In rare cases with a tall chimney a damper will help slow down the airflow.

Sauna FAQ

Q: What size of electric sauna heater does my sauna room require?

A: For every 50 cubic feet of room space one kilowatt of heating capacity is required.

Q: Should the wood walls in my sauna be unfinished or be sealed?

A: The wood walls should be sealed to prevent water damage. Do not use oil based sealers because as the sauna room heats up off-gasing will occur.

end faq


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