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Natural Gas Fire Stoves

Stoves are a classic method of home heating that have been around for centuries. This timeless option has become more in vogue as people look for ways to reconnect with the past and bring rustic or antique feels to a living space. A modern gas stove can be your way to reconnect with the past and heat your home with the push of a button.

Modern Design Features

Our quality manufacturers have combined the classic appeal of past design with modern efficiency.

A traditional wood unit built around the turn of the 20th century, has an efficiency rating of around 40%. This is a respectable number when you compare it to the 5% - 10% efficiency rating of a tradition open fire place, but a modern gas unit has them all beat.

With a modern propane or natural gas stove you can expect to see an efficiency rating that approaches 90%. Upgrading to a new one can save you money on fuel over the long haul while also making better use of our natural resources.

Improve your Efficiency

The natural gas and propane stoves for sale today have a few design features that help them work as efficiently as possible.

  • Strategically placed vents and fans that push air out into the room
  • sophisticated heat exchangers
  • ceramic glass for improved heat radiation
  • radiant heat designs

Fuel Source

The fuel used by gas stoves is propane and natural gas. These clean burning fuels are easily obtained either directly from a natural gas line piped right into your home, or via a propane tank that is refilled by a delivery truck. For many rural or remote properties, natural gas is unavailable and propane is the only choice.

Effortless Operation

To use these units, you simply have to turn on the gas and push the starter button. No more stacking logs, messing with kindling and matches or trying to find a lighter! The amount of heat that is generated can be controlled by means of a knob that you turn up or down to increase or decrease the amount of gas the fire will be fed. The only way it could possibly be any simpler is if someone else did it for you!

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