Steamcore Spa 2





From its beginning, Steamcore has been entirely devoted to redefining the steam bathing experience. It supplies the powerful soothing steam which could be found in large commercial steam generators, provides precision made design and advance engineering that makes the smallest detail into a work of art. The Steamcore Spa II Series is a unique fusion of power, elegance that pushes the boundaries of a steam bathing experience.


“No other steam bath generator unites such extraordinary qualities. The new Steamcore Spa II Series has a striking presence in your private oasis. It has an understated elegance and discerning style that makes it an icon. It represents a far reaching redefinition of the ultimate steam bathing experience.”


This blend of steam bathing and luxury remains an attractive and yet elusive combination. Today the Steamcore Spa II Series draws on the best characteristics of previous steam generators and takes the concept to another level.


Powerful steam and elegant design – essential elements for unwinding in style. The Steamcore Elegance Package delivers a new soothing dimension in steam bathing and style. Total impact… from a compact Elegance Package – soothing power, relaxing steam, and all wrapped in a tight compact package with stunning looks. The advanced features of the Steamcore Elegance Series delivers steam quality and steam bathing experience – like nothing you’ve ever felt.


Do you believe that one has to choose between elegance and performance? Between practicality, value and beauty? You don’t. Because the Steamcore Spa II proves that you can have everything you want while compromising on virtually nothing.



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