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Fireplaces & Stoves

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As far back as anyone can look in human history this gathering has happened around the glow of a fire. In modern times you can create these primal feelings of togetherness with the addition of a new fireplace or stove in your living room, family room, game room or even outdoors. Everyone wants to create a warm and inviting place for their family and friends to come together in their homes.

Fireplaces are the original home entertainment system

There was a time when all we needed to entertain ourselves was the dancing of the flames in a well stocked fire and each other’s company. With the advent of television, computers, video games and all of modern life’s many distractions, families have been drifting apart and friends have lacked a certain closeness.

You can do your part to change that by investing in a natural gas, propane or wood burning fireplace. These are available as zero clearance, traditional, or insert configurations. Whichever fuel source you choose, your guests and family members will be sure to gather around to enjoy each other’s company next to its flickering glow.

Freestanding stoves

These are some of the most common heating appliances out on the market. The general construction of one consists of a closed fire chamber that is made of cast iron or steel with a ceramic safety glass front enclosure. They are lined with brick and connected to a ventilating stove pipe that connects to the outside via a chimney or flue.

Traditionally speaking, stoves have long been used for only their exceptional heating abilities. The first stoves were an all metal chamber, now with the advent of high efficiency, the burning flame is viewed through ceramic glass. You can now use them much as you would a fireplace - to bring the mood setting atmosphere of a fire into your home safely.

Types of fuel

There are 4 fuel types that can be used with various models of fireplaces and stoves:

  1. Natural gas
  2. Propane
  3. Woodburning
  4. Pellet

Pellet burning configurations are only available as inserts. For more information on the features and strengths of each fuel source as it pertains to the specific unit, please see the individual pages for zero clearance, inserts and stoves.

If you would like to start creating this sort of environment in your home, and want to know more, you can visit our showroom to get a first-hand look at our products and speak with our knowledgeable staff, or you can contact us by phone or email today!

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