Chances are, homeowners interested in updating a heating appliance already have some fireplace design ideas. There are a lot of options out there and knowing the style you like, or the design you hope to achieve, can go a long way toward streamlining the process of purchasing a new fireplace.


Some design styles/characteristics you might want to research before settling are:

  • Contemporary. Sleek, modern looking with crisp edges. Many options are linear/rectangular.
  • Rustic. Weathered and aged looking. Something that looks like it’s been around for years.
  • Minimalist. Similar to contemporary. Makes the fire the centre of attention, or the surrounding design.
  • Classic. A squared design. What you picture in your mind’s eye when you read “fireplace.”


There are so many ways to dress up a fireplace, customizing the look to fit perfectly with your home and personality. There are 3 main factors besides the fireplace or fireplace insert itself that help you inject your own design tastes.

The mantle

The design of the mantel can completely change the ambiance of a room. Consider using reclaimed wood to enhance the rustic or country look of your room. Certainly a smooth brick or painted wood mantle can enhance the modern look of a contemporary fireplace.


Altering what surrounds your fireplace is a powerful tool for enhancing the appearance of the space. You can pair a fireplace with storage on the surrounding wall to create a larger unit. Book storage placed within a safe distance of the fireplace create a great ambiance. A masonry fireplace looks great ensconced by a carved wooden surround.


Playing with the colour of the surrounding shelves, walls, or even masonry will dramatically change the ambience of your fire heated room. For example, a dark fireplace will stand out even more if you paint the surrounding wall (even if it’s brick) white.

Also consider tiles in different shades of colour. A black fireplace surrounded by shaded grey tiles can look striking.


Many people like to hang a television above the fireplace. Consider this idea carefully. The high temperatures can damage, possibly melt internal TV components, dramatically shortening its lifespan, and voiding manufacturer’s warranties.


Selecting the right size of fireplace- particularly if you’re choosing a zero clearance or factory built model- is critical. Choosing a fireplace that is too big for a room can look overwhelming and also overheat the room. The fireplace should be appropriate for the space it’s going to occupy.

If you are introducing a fireplace just for aesthetic reasons, some designs are meant to burn with very little heat.

Let us help you explore different fireplace design ideas. Come by our showroom or give us a call today.

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