Installation, Maintenance, Repairs & Other Service

Installation, Maintenance, Repairs & Other Services

We deliver, install, maintain, service and repair everything we sell. Even if you bought it somewhere else, we’ll still maintain and repair it.

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Maintenance of your fireplace is a top priority for both safety and performance. A poorly maintained fireplace will not perform at its best if it will not be able to exhaust effectively. This is a hazard and a major safety issue as the buildup of carbon monoxide is deadly.

We offer a variety of services, including:


Our licensed technicians provide you reliable and courteous service, and flawless results when installing your wood, fireplaces, pellet and wood stoves or inserts, wood furnaces, and gas/propane products. Our wood installers are WETT certified, and our gas installers are trained and licensed by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority.

Why should you choose Nordic Energy for Installation?

  • We use drop sheets and carpet runners, and will not leave a mess
  • We remove all spare parts and garbage that is not needed following the installation
  • We carry spare inventory parts should you require repairs
  • We provide our customers with training on their new items


For optimal performance and peace of mind, regular maintenance is essential for a stove, fireplace, or insert. Annual cleanings ensure they are running at maximum efficiency giving you reliability and safety, and prolonging the like of your unit.

Nordic Energy offers cleaning for gas/propane stoves, pellets stoves, wood stoves fireplaces & inserts. Your unit will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned by one of our certified technicians.


If your unit is repairable, Nordic Energy can do it for you. From replacing doors and windows, repairing gaskets and blowers, or creating custom glass pieces, we have got you covered.


A WETT Inspection is a visual inspection of a wood burning appliance and chimney to confirm that it is safe and compliant to building code. These are frequently requested by real estate agents during a home sale.

Book your WETT Inspection here.

Should your current unit require changes to meet current building code requirements, Nordic Energy can guide you through what needs to be done, or send one of our technicians to do it for you.

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For further information and to get the best advice and service for your specific fireplace maintenance situation, we invite you to come to our showroom where our expert staff will be able to best assist you. We are also available by phone or email.