Keep your Stove Working in Peak Condition with New Quality Parts


A well built modern stove is an incredible feat of engineering that is typically cast iron or steel. These durable materials are designed to stand up to the rigors of heating a home and burning hot for extended periods of time.

You can prolong the life of your stove by purchasing parts that enhance or replace old ones. Each different type of stove has particular replacement parts that work for them. Here is a look at each type.


Common replacement parts for natural gas and propane models fall in four main catagories:

  1. Blowers – these are the fans that move warm air out into the room Valves – these control the amount of gas that is delivered to the fire and are needed to shut off the system completely
  2. Remotes – want to really set a mood without getting up? Have a remote handy for that extra level of ease
  3. Replacement glass – If not cleaned frequently your glass may eventually need replacement. A new piece of glass will look great and offer you that new out of the box view of the fire


New parts for your wood stove are unique and consist of these 4 main types:

  1. Blowers – these are the fans that make a wood stove so efficient by pushing warm air out into the room
  2. Bricks, baffles, airtubes – they may seem unrelated at first but these products are all related to how your stove performs.  They are integral to the complete combustion of wood.
  3. Gasket and replacement glass – Replacing your door and glass gaskets at the same time ensures best seal between the stove door and the glass.  Ceramic glass is required for any wood burning stove application
  4. High temperature paint – nicks and scratches are a part of life, a little paint can cover them up and keep your furnace looking new for many years.


A pellet stove is has unique part requirements. The components you can purchase for replacement include:

  1. Blower – a blower is a key aspect that transfers the heat of the fire to the room
  2. Auger motors – these deliver the pellets from the hopper to the fire
  3. Controllers – control the heat level and fan speeds
  4. Gasket and replacement glass – Replacing your door and glass gasket at the same time ensures you have the best seal possible.  Ceramic glass is required for any wood burning stove application

We invite you to visit our parts department to see all our replacement parts firsthand and get the expert advice you need directly from our staff, or click here for online parts purchases.

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