Accessorize Your Fireplace


Being sure to have the right accessories around your home is a way to optimize your home heating experience. These handy tools can help you maintain your stove or fireplace, and even assist you in areas such as storage and safety.

Here is a look at the accessories that work best with each system:


  1. So you don’t have a real fire. Doesn’t mean you can’t still make it look the part with a decorative toolset or firescreen.
  2. For practical purposes, glass cleaner and some tools to access areas that need cleaning are the bare necessities


A wood stove has more accessories that will help you with the storage of your wood, maintenance and safety:

  1. Tools and toolsets – a matching set of tools, such as a shovel, brush and poker next to your wood burning stove gives it that extra great looking detail.
  2. Log holders and grates – have a steady supply of logs waiting with a stylish and functional log holder or basket.
  3. Log carriers – have an extra hand to help you transport logs from your pile outside to your log holder inside.
  4. Fans – efficiently move warm air around your room with well functioning fans
  5. Kettles and steamers – diversify the use of your stove to include some warm water that can help you make hot chocolate or humidify a dry room
  6. Hearth pads and heat shields – protect your floor and surroundings with these very useful safety devices.
  7. Doors, fire screens and safety gates – it is all about safety and protecting your family and guests with these vital accessories.
  8. Thermometers, firestarters, gloves – these 3 stove accessories are all about getting your fire going and keeping it at a comfortable temperature while protecting your hands should you need to add more logs to start that fire or maintain the temperature.
  9. Chimney brushes, cleaners, ash vacuums – a clean chimney is a safe chimney that also allows your stove to breathe properly.
  10. Summer screens and candelabras – summer screens are there to beautify your stove during the months when it is not in use, and a matching candelabra is a lovely way to keep the flames in your favourite room lit.


Your pellet stove is a unique home heating appliance that has particular supplies and enhancements:

  1. Hopper extensions – a larger hopper means you have to fill it up less often and is possibly the best accessory you can buy for your pellet stove. Not all models have this option, so ask us for details.
  2. Chimney brushes, cleaners, ash vacuums – maintaining safe and efficient operation is dependent upon your chimney being clean. Keeping the interior maintained requires the right cleaners and the removal of all ash.
  3. Hearth pads – these are what you will set your pellet burning stove on to protect your floor.

To get more detailed information about these stove and fireplace accessories, we invite you to come into our showroom or call us today to speak with our expert team

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