Sauna Heaters/Steamers


Sauna heaters are the very heart and soul of any sauna. They are what heat the air to the temperatures that give you all the fantastic health benefits that many people enjoy in a sauna. There are a number of different ways that this can be done and each has its own advantages and features.


These are the original heaters that are still preferred by many sauna enthusiasts. They are a basic wood burning stove that has been designed specifically for this use. Simply start a fire, close the door and let the room heat up.

As they require no electrical power source you can set yours up anywhere you want: the cottage, your lake house,  or a rural property. Just check with your property insurance company first to ensure they will provide coverage for the building.


Easy to use,  electric sauna heaters  are good choice for indoor saunas and outdoor saunas where electrical power supply is available. A great choice if you don’t have the patience to start a fire, or are without proper  venting or clearances to combustible materials for a wood sauna heater.

We carry electric sauna heaters manufactured by:

  • Fenno
  • Saunacore
  • Huum

The best current models all feature:

  • CSA approval
  • Built in protection against overheating, increasing safety
  • Thermostat and timer controls
  • The ability to hold rocks
  • Air channels designed to increase efficiency
  • Durable stainless steel construction, exterior and interior.

Look for these features in your electric sauna heater to be sure you’re getting a quality product.


A steam bath can be a very soothing experience on top of the already relaxing environment of a sauna. A dedicated steam generating device will add greatly to your overall experience, whether you add it to your sauna or your shower.

To learn more about all of our sauna heaters and steamers we invite you to come to our showroom where you can speak with our expert staff.