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Zero-Clearance Gas Fireplaces


If you’re considering a professionally installed gas fireplace in your home for the warmth it brings and the cozy atmosphere it creates, but lack a chimney, then a zero clearance gas model could be the perfect fit. These are easy to install and they can go in nearly any room in your home. Imagine how a flickering flame could enhance your living room, master bedroom or games room.


All that is required to install a zero clearance natural gas model is ductwork that will act like a chimney, and gas piping. We can help you select a location with access to an external wall or ceiling that allows it to vent to the outside, then we’ll take care of the installation quickly so you can get on with your day. If you have an existing fireplace, a gas fireplace insert is even faster and less obtrusive for a professional to install.


Fireplace with tile surround and white mantelA direct vent, as zero clearance fireplaces are sometimes known, that is fueled by gas has the option of running on either natural or propane gas. These cleaner burning fuels both have their strengths and deserve a more thorough look. Why Choose Natural Gas? Natural gas is most commonly chosen because it is already being used in the home. Gas lines are frequently found in urban homes already because they are supplied for the majority of people who use it to cook food on stove tops, heat their water and run their furnaces. This convenience transfers into cost savings over time. Why Choose Propane? Stone Gas fireplace Propane is a non-toxic and clean burning choice. It is extracted from natural gas processing and then liquefied, and this process causes it to become a safer gas than the one it is derived from. Want to spend more time outdoors? Get your family a gorgeous outdoor fireplace. The greatest advantage it has is that you can purchase it in many locations in tanks, and not be reliant upon natural gas lines. Propane home delivery is offered anywhere there is road access. This can be of great benefit to those in rural properties and cottages as they will not usually have access to a gas line.


There are many high quality manufacturers producing gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts. These include:

Kozy Heat Fireplaces



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Looking Forward to Using Our New Fireplace!

The guys from Nordic Energy Systems were really good. We called them to install a new fire place/chimney. Going into the project I was a little bit worried. We had a brand new steel roof and I was afraid it might get messed up during the installation, but my fears were unwarranted. Everything looks great!

Neil L., Sudbury, ON

I can’t say enough about Nordic Energy

I can’t say enough about Nordic Energy. From the choosing of the stove to the explanation of how it works the store staff (Denis) was amazing. Where to start with the installation crew. Lucas (Logan) lol Rob and Jacob. What an awesome crew. Very pleasant and knowledgeable. They took such care with my home and in their detail to the little things. The job was never rushed and was done with care. Everything was explained so that it was clear and questions answered. I cannot say enough about Lucas and how he explained everything to me and how if he didn’t like the way things were working once the stove was set up he went back and made sure it was to his satisfaction. It speaks volumes to see someone take such pride in his work. Thanks so much for the amazing service to you all. I would give an 11 if I could. Will highly recommend your company. I will definitely be back for future business. Thanks so much.


We absolutely love the fireplace!

We wanted to let you know that we have used our fireplace a few times now. There were several evenings earlier in September that were chilly and gave us a good excuse to try it out.

We absolutely love the fireplace! It fits our room perfectly and provides just the right amount of heat. You suggested the perfect model for what we needed and wanted.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service provided by you and your team. We also appreciate your patience with us through the installation process, including the return trip to our house to get the fireplace in the right spot. Your efforts to make everything just perfect were much appreciated. Kind regards

A. Lavoie

A completely great experience every step of the way.

Your installers are superb.

Debra S.

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