DIY Sauna Building Materials

DIY Saunas in Sudbury, ON


Enhance your Home or Cottage with a Self-Built Sauna

For those with a little hand-eye coordination and a hammer or two, building a DIY sauna can be a very rewarding experience. The first time you see your completed project is always a positive and enjoyable experience. The difference with DIY saunas is that you can then get into your newly finished project and soothe those weary muscles.


We provide you with a complete set of supplies:

  1. Reflective foil – this is to insulate the walls and keep heat in. This unseen element is absolutely essential as it allows your sauna to reach the temperatures that allow it to be effective
  2. Cedar planks – this soft timber is best at resisting decay in the heat of a sauna. Other woods may work for a little while, but cedar will always be best in the long run
  3. Flooring – tile flooring is common. Kromotex is a four coat epoxy paint system that beautifully seals your floor.
  4. Lighting – you can’t use any ordinary lighting source in your sauna as regular lights are not designed to handle the high heat or humidity. A popular option on many DIY and prefabricated saunas is a dimmer switch that allows you to control the light levels inside, maximizing your relaxation
  5. Doors – a properly fitting and sealing door is an absolute essential. Heat escaping through poorly fitted doors is a major problem as your sauna may never reach the optimum temperatures you need it to reach for all the health benefits you want to enjoy

Let us Guide You

Rely on Nordic Energy to give you along every step of the way- from ensuring that you have an efficient layout to satisfying building code requirements.

To learn more about building your own sauna, visit our showroom or give us a call to discuss your building plans with a member of our expert team.