Pellet Stoves


The next generation of home heating devices is one which must make use of renewable resources and waste products. A better world, the one we need in the future, depends on all of us wisely using our resources. This can be most effective in the most basic and often used area of our lives: energy to heat our homes.

An increasingly popular way to heat homes with these important initiatives in mind is through use of a pellet stove. These breakthroughs in home heating allow you to use waste products such as sawdust from wood mills and biomass products that are considered waste by the agriculture industry (for examples corn husks and cobs).


These models are a great economical and low maintenance alternative for those who do not want to deal with firewood and lack access to natural gas. They are controlled by programmable thermostats, providing reliable and even heat as needed. These systems do require electricity to operate, so if you are looking for a backup system for anticipated prolonged power outages, this type of stove is not your ideal option.


The system operates incredibly efficiently, with efficiency rating approaching 90%. To put this in perspective, a traditional style wood stove would have an efficiency rating of around 40%. An open fireplace can have a rating as low as 5% – 10%. Think of the incredible heating savings you will get from this efficiency while using a ‘green’ friendly fuel.


You may worry that burning wood releases harmful carbon emissions into the air. Pellets will not contribute to global warming because they are a natural part of the carbon cycle (the burning of fossil fuels is not).

To learn more about these innovative heating solutions, and to get a firsthand look at a pellet stove, we invite you to join us in our showroom for a talk with a member of our team.