Before determining what type of heater is required you first need to determine how often you will be using it, where it will be located and how many people you need to accommodate.

You have several options, and one type may be better than the other for your family’s situation.


If your sauna will be outdoors, typically a wood burning sauna heater is the recommended unless you are in the city. Always check with your insurance company prior to committing to a wood burning sauna to ensure they will provide insurance coverage. Outdoor saunas can be larger in size to accommodate more people, and are great by the lake to extend your swimming season.

When an outdoor sauna is preferred, but your insurance company is not in favor, then a sauna heated with electric is your next best option. In Northern Ontario, with rising electric costs, you want to ensure that your outdoor sauna room is well insulated, floor and ceiling included,  if you plan on year-round usage. Electric also provides convenience, no need to chop firewood, or stoke a fire. Just setting the thermostat and timer for your sauna will ensure it’s ready in 30-45 minutes depending on outdoor temperatures. Sizing the heater correctly, will ensure you have plenty of heat and steam to relax in.


To make it even more convenient, why not have a sauna indoors. You can choose from a traditional electric sauna or an infrared sauna. Again depending on your purpose for the sauna, one may be better than the other for your family.  If you prefer heat and sizzling steam to relax in, then an electric heater would be in order.

If you enjoy a mild, dry heat for detoxing and soothing aches and pains, then an infrared will be more to your liking. These run at lower temperatures but penetrate heat much deeper, providing excellent therapy and toxin removal.

If you like both and can’t decide, then opt for a combination electric and infrared sauna together in one room, using one or the other based on your mood and general well being.

Visit us in your planning stages of the sauna and we would be happy to help choose the right sauna heater for your situation and help develop a construction plan for your ideal sauna.

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