Everyone dreams of owning a fireplace for the warmth and ambiance they bring.  With masonry fireplaces being bulky and cost prohibitive, zero clearance fireplaces fit the bill, with flexible and hassle free installation. A zero clearance fireplace can be installed almost anywhere due to space saving designs and they help save on your energy bills while you enjoy the glowing radiant fire.


A fully enclosed pre-fabricated metal firebox, built to standards and tested to allow wood frame construction right up to it’s standoffs, eliminating the need of any brick construction.  When installed according to manufacturer’s instructions, this makes for an easy, quick and inexpensive installation of a zero-clearance fireplace, especially as compared to a traditional fireplace. Professional installation is recommended and may be a requirement, depending on both building codes where you live and your home’s insurance policy.


A zero clearance fireplaces is light weighted allowing flexibility as to where it is installed. The firebox can carried by standard floor joists, hence no additional weight bearing foundation is required like a traditional masonry fireplace would need. The smaller size also opens up location options normally not available whether on first, second or third floor of a house. You just need to consider the required venting or chimney locations, and if gas, how to connect to the fuel line.


Zero clearance fireplaces save in construction cost, eliminating expensive masonry work, mess and time savings.  Due to wood framing allowed, typical installation and finishing is only a few days. For tight budgets, a fireplace can be finished in stages, starting with a painted plaster finish and then adding tile, brick or cultured stone years down the road when funds allow.


Zero clearance fireplaces are available in decorative, mid efficiency and high efficiency models depending on your family’s needs. There is no comparison to a traditional brick and mortar fireplace when it comes to efficiency. A traditional masonry fireplace loses as much as 90% of its heat up the chimney while an average zero clearance fireplace wastes less than 30% heat, making them great supplemental heat sources. With the latest technology and engineering zero clearance fireplaces eliminate cold drafts while maximizing heat.


Elegant zero clearance fireplaces are available in wood burning, natural gas, propane  and electric.

With a  wood burning  zero clearance fireplace, you get the ambiance of a real fire with benefits of the most economical and fuel. Besides in a power outage you will always have light, heat and a source for basic cooking.

Natural gas or propane zero clearance fireplaces offer ambiance and warmth with convenience and ease. They operate on a thermostat providing even consistent heat when needed, burning a clean fuel.

Electric fireplaces provide ambiance where other fireplaces have restriction in location or budget. Electric fireplaces can be wall mounted or built-in. They can be plugged into an electrical outlet or hardwired, depending on the model. They can be operated with or without heat, giving you year round enjoyment of a fire.

So when it comes to choosing your dream fireplace, stop by our showroom. Come see the many options available from rustic, traditional, contemporary or transitional. Whether it is a small fireplace for a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen to a grand fireplace for the great room, we have them all. We’ll guide you through the selection process to find the best fit for your budget, home and lifestyle.

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Looking Forward to Using Our New Fireplace!

The guys from Nordic Energy Systems were really good. We called them to install a new fire place/chimney. Going into the project I was a little bit worried. We had a brand new steel roof and I was afraid it might get messed up during the installation, but my fears were unwarranted. Everything looks great!

Neil L., Sudbury, ON

I can’t say enough about Nordic Energy

I can’t say enough about Nordic Energy. From the choosing of the stove to the explanation of how it works the store staff (Denis) was amazing. Where to start with the installation crew. Lucas (Logan) lol Rob and Jacob. What an awesome crew. Very pleasant and knowledgeable. They took such care with my home and in their detail to the little things. The job was never rushed and was done with care. Everything was explained so that it was clear and questions answered. I cannot say enough about Lucas and how he explained everything to me and how if he didn’t like the way things were working once the stove was set up he went back and made sure it was to his satisfaction. It speaks volumes to see someone take such pride in his work. Thanks so much for the amazing service to you all. I would give an 11 if I could. Will highly recommend your company. I will definitely be back for future business. Thanks so much.


We absolutely love the fireplace!

We wanted to let you know that we have used our fireplace a few times now. There were several evenings earlier in September that were chilly and gave us a good excuse to try it out.

We absolutely love the fireplace! It fits our room perfectly and provides just the right amount of heat. You suggested the perfect model for what we needed and wanted.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service provided by you and your team. We also appreciate your patience with us through the installation process, including the return trip to our house to get the fireplace in the right spot. Your efforts to make everything just perfect were much appreciated. Kind regards

A. Lavoie

A completely great experience every step of the way.

Your installers are superb.

Debra S.

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