Dreaming of a fireplace but think it’s beyond your budget? Masonry wood fireplaces are majestic and beautiful but costly to build, inefficient and difficult to add after initial home construction. However there are economical and efficient alternatives available today that are relatively quick and easy to install almost anywhere.


Typical masonry wood fireplaces need a proper foundation to carry their weight, making them difficult to add after initial home construction. Zero-clearance fireplaces are much lighter in weight, not needing any special foundation, allowing placement almost anywhere, at anytime. Finishes can go beyond brick or stone to include contemporary plaster, tile, or cultured stone.


Unlike masonry fireplaces that required skilled masons to install, zero clearance wood burning fireplaces can be a DIY project with basic skills provided you follow the manufactures installation guide and have the fireplace WETT inspected upon completion. The insulated firebox can be framed in with wood or steel studs, drywall or cement board prior to adding finishing layer. Installation time is 1-3 days depending on your final finishing material


Less expensive material, less specialized trades, less installation time, means savings on the bottom line versus a typical masonry unit, plus the added savings that come with efficient wood burning deriving more heat from less wood.


These prefabricated zero clearance wood burning fireplaces are built to the same heating standards as an air tight woodstove, meaning you get the same heating output with more aesthetic appeal. Wood burning zero clearance fireplaces all have glass doors to keep the cold out when not in use, and improve burn times. Wood burning zero clearance fireplaces are engineered to meet the latest emissions ratings, meaning less smoke and more heat from the same load of wood. Most are now airtight also, with secondary burn to keep the glass doors clean just like a wood stove. Some have heat dump capabilities to move excess heat to harder to reach areas like the basement or adjacent rooms.

So whether you are building a new home or cottage, or if you would like to renovate your existing one, a zero clearance wood burning fireplace is a great option. A zero clearance wood burning fireplace can supplement your heating bills, add ambiance and decor while adding resale value to your home or cottage. Stop by our showroom to find to pick out your style. We’ll help you choose the proper size for your space so you get maximum enjoyment.

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