Ambiance Hipster 20

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Ambiance Hipster 20 Wood Stove

The Hipster® 20 Woodstove is lined with Soapstone inside and its body is made with premium quality cast iron. Painted metallic black, it is classic and modern all at the same time. The door is equipped with a cool-touch handle for a safe operation. The Hipster® 20 is EPA 2020 certified at 0.6g/hr with a 79% efficiency. This is one of the top-rated EPA woodstoves on the market. It qualifies for the US 25d Tax Credit allowing homeowners to get 26% back on the full install price. This woodstove is approved to be sold across Canada and the United States. Thanks to its TruHybrid combustion technology, the Hipster® 20 can burn up to 24 hours on a single load of wood. Tall and clean glass offers a stunning view of the fire. Clearances to combustible with double-wall stove are 11” at the back and 13” on the sides. Clearances at the back can be reduced to 5 inches when using the blower kit. It is also backed by an impressive limited lifetime warranty. Optional features include the convection fan and fresh air kit for the Mobile Home applications.


The Hipster® woodstove features the TruHybrid technology. The combustion is cleaner and more efficient than other EPA-certified stoves. One load of hardwood will burn low and slow and produce heat for well over 20 hours.


The Hipster® is a combination of cast iron and soapstone. Both materials are well known for their capacity to absorb and release heat for long hours. The heat is produced smoothly without spiking as much as a steel stove. The comfort it creates has no equal!


EPA 2020 Approved at 0.6 grams per hour
Weight of the unit: 450 lbs
Unit Dimensions (LxWxH): 22.13″ x 26.75″ x 31.63″
Viewing Area: 17.7” W X 12.37” H
Minimum power BTU: 33.576
Maximum power BTU: 60,000
Length of logs:  18″


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