Dreaming of fireplace? Heating bills forever rising? Home have cool rooms? A natural gas or propane fireplace could be just the solution you need for adding heat, coziness and save energy dollars. There are several reasons why gas or propane may be the better option over wood or pellet.


Whether you are looking for a freestanding stove or a built-in fireplace, the convenience and ease of natural gas or propane are tough to beat. Compared to wood burning or pellet fireplaces there is no seasonal preparation, nor daily mess to clean up. Maintenance is minimal consisting of an occasional glass cleaning and an annual preventative maintenance servicing by a licensed technician to validate your warranty. Most fireplaces now operate from a wall thermostat or remote, and with a simple push of a button, the fire starts. The fireplace can be run on “manual” or “auto” mode. In “auto” mode, the programmable thermostat maintains a consistent temperature whether you are home or not.


Fireplace technology has improved dramatically in the last 20 years improving efficiency and realism of the fire. There lots of options when it comes to shape and size, whether looking to heat a small bathroom or to a large great room. Choices of: trim colors and widths, media (logs, glass crystals, rocks) and background panels (like brick, ledge stone, black reflective porcelain) allow you to customize the look to match any decor.  Some locations only need the beautiful flames from a fireplace without all the heat; there are models that can move the heat elsewhere for perfect all year comfort and ambiance.


The beauty of a natural gas or propane fireplace is their placement flexibility. Usually placement along an exterior wall is sufficient for easy through-the-wall venting, but venting can be through the roof or a power-vented model can be used for locations where neither of these work. Due to the minimal venting requirements, year round installation is possible unlike wood-burning fireplaces that require substantial chimney work.


The upfront cost of installing a gas or propane stove or fireplace are usually less than the traditional wood, mainly due to the minimal venting requirements and less pricey components.  Overall operating expense will be less than electric or oil, so supplementing your heating bill with these is wise. If you have an older gas furnace, the higher efficiency of the fireplace makes a great supplement till the furnace is changed out and serves as a great backup source of heat.

Add value to your home while supplementing your energy bills and increasing your coziness, with a natural gas or propane fireplace. Stop by our showroom at 2324 Long Lake Rd for a free consultation to find the solution for your home.

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