Enviro Berkley


Enviro Berkley Three sided Direct Vent stove for your home

The Enviro Berkley is a unique direct vent stove that features 3 viewing sides.  This makes the stove ideal for large or small open rooms giving a focal point where the flame view can be shared from multiple sides.  Not just for viewing, the heat output is phenomenal, using the heavy duty heat exchanger to get the most of the fuel energy put in.  The Enviro Berkley comes in painted black or enamel Antique Chestnut and can be run on natural gas or propane.   Connecting to an existing chimney with a B vent adapter is also possible when venting out a wall is not possible.  The split flow ceramic burner provides a realistic glowing ember bed.  The IPI valve system ensures the highest efficiency and performance.

Enviro Berkley Free Standing Stove Features

Split-flow ceramic burner (IPI).
Fluted liner.
Heavy duty heat exchanger.
Clear View Safety Screen

3 sided viewing

Enviro Berkley Options

Painted Black or Antique Chestnut finish.
Thermostat or remote compatible.
NG to LP conversion kit.
B Vent draft hood adapter.


Enviro Berkley Direct Vent stove Specifications

Heating Area: 2,000 ft²

BTU’s: 40,000


Glass Size: 724 in²

Unit Dimensions: 30” W x 31” H x 23” D


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