Firewood and Pellets


TimberSmart Firewood is the best way to fuel your fire


TimberSmart Firewood is also 100% carbon-neutral alternative to traditional firewood.


It’s superior to cured firewood in every way:


    • 100% natural wood briquette


    • Made from 100% recycled material


    • Burns 2x longer than traditional


    • It burns cleaner, producing a carbon-neutral footprint


    • Burns with very little smoke, perfect for burning in the city


    • No sparks


    • Because of its uniform shape, it takes up less stacking space


    • It requires no time for seasoning


    • It can be transported easily, without creating a mess of sawdust, dirt and bugs


    • Is not affected by the recent Don’t Move Firewood federal government regulation


Save space and time with Timbersmart


With TimberSmart you no longer have to worry about cutting, stacking and seasoning your wood for the upcoming season. Each brick of firewood is uniformly dense, dry and ready to heat your home efficiently. Store it in a dry place and enjoy the high constant heat TimberSmart has to offer.


TimberSmart can be used for campfires, in your home fireplace, boiler, woodstove, wood furnace, and sauna.


Get yours today!


Start the fire fast every time


Stock up on carbon-neutral firestarters from TimberSmart and get your fires started quickly, reliably and easily – indoors or out.


Made of sawdust and soybean wax, these firestarters are small, easy to light and fast burning. They’ll even burn when wet.


Need fuel for your pellet stove?


Lacrete pellets are the ideal fuel for your auto-feeding pellet stove, giving you hours of efficient heating with no work.


They’re manufactured using 100% recycled sawdust and produce less than 2% ash (amounting to almost no maintenance work for you).


Order your 40lb bag today.


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