Jotul GF 300 DV Allagash


Jotul GF 300 DV Allagash


As rugged as the wilderness waterway that bears its name, the Jøtul GF 300 BV Allagash presents the perfect union of efficiency and beauty. Fueled by the quiet durability of our revolutionary new cast iron and stainless steel burner – the JøtulBurnerTM, this stove is created to endure.

Incorporating Jøtul Heat FinTM technology for optimum heat exchange and with a 50% heat turn down capability, the Jøtul GF 300 DV Allagash fulfills the heat requirements of a variety of living spaces.

Revolutionary new JøtulBurnerTM delivers unsurpassed gas burner technology and flame picture realism
A realistic ceramic fiber log set burns with the warm glow of a real wood fire.

    • 50% heat control turn down.
    • Large fire viewing area with open door capability, an industry pioneer!
    • Jøtul Heat FinTM technology means great heating capacity with a minimum of heat loss
    • Conversion kit included for use with propane gas
    • No electricity is required to operate the stove.
    • 5 year limited warranty

Technical data for Jøtul GF 300 DV Allagash

    • BTU range: 26,000 Max BTU input – 14,000 Low output
    • Efficiency: 75.3% Steady State
    • Heating capacity: Up to 1,300 sq.ft
    • Finish options: Matte Black, Blue/Black,
    • Flue outlet:  Direct Vent (Rear, Top)
    • Gas types: Natural Gas, LP

Optional Accessories

Antique brick panel kit, wall thermostat, remote control, floor bracket kit (for mobile home installations),  screen for open door fire viewing, variable speed blower fan kit, leg leveler kit, and short leg kit.

Jøtul has a policy of constant improvement and upgrading. Products therefore may differ in specification, design, material, or dimensions at any time without prior notice.


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