Renaissance Rumford 1500




Rumford 1500


This is big enough for any room.


Our is the biggest of the big. With nearly 1500 square inches of high quality ceramic glass, there is no other manufactured fireplace on the market that can compare. The 1500 includes all of the amazing features of the Rumford 1000 like our guillotine door, and screen, as well as our specialty refractory panels (see Rumford 1000),


Despite its size, the guillotine door moves with the touch of a single finger. Burning with the screen down allows you to enjoy the crackle and pop of the fire without having to worry about sparks. Alternatively, closing the door prevents warm room air from being lost up the chimney and increases efficiency. The shape of the firebox creates a taller fire and reflects more heat into the room than a traditional fireplace.


The Renaissance 1500 is an excellent alternative to a traditional open hearth fireplace. It has the size and appearance of a stone hearth, but the added benefit of an air tight door, tons of heat and reduced emissions. If you’re considering building a fireplace made of masonry, make sure you consider the benefits of the Renaissance 1500 before deciding.


Technical information


    • Outside Dimensions 60 ½”W X 87 ½”H X 32 ¾”D


    • Firebox Opening Dimensions 42 ½” W X 42″ H (Full Dimensions)


    • Weight (ship wt add 40 lbs) 900 lbs


    • Firewood Length (1) 24″ maximum


    • Emissions w/ Door Open 3.40 grams/kilogram


    • Emissions w/ Door Closed 0.68 grams/kilogram


    • Glass Size 1450 in2


    • Guillotine Door Ceramic Glass


    • Firescreen Guillotine Design


    • Andirons Cast Iron


    • Ash Pan Not Available


    • Options None


    • Chimney 12″” RIS (12′ minimum)


    • Gas Log Provision ( 2 ) YES


    • Outside Air ( 3 ) 4″”, meets R2000


    • Mobile Home Approved NO


    • Touch-up Paint Stove Bright Metallic Black


    • Minimum Ceiling Height 8′


    • EPA Certification note (4)




    1. Note 1: It is possible to overfire the Renaissance Rumford. The suggested maximum load size is 3 logs that are 6″ in diameter and 20″ in length. A larger wood load can fit, but the amount of heat crated can damage the Skamol panels over time.


    1. Note 2: These fireplaces have an access panel to accept an aftermarket gas log assembly. You may not install a gas lighter in any Renaissance fireplace because the high firebox temperatures will burn out the log lighter very quickly.


    1. Note 3: All Renaissance FireplacesTM come equipped to accept a 4” outside air duct, if there is more than 20′ of length a 5” duct can also be used.


    1. Note 4: The Renaissance RumfordTM 1500 fireplace is environmentally friendly and provides a magnificent view of the fire. It has met the Phase II emission level of the Voluntary Wood Burning Fireplace Program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


It is:


    • Typically burning at a rate of 5.9 kg/hr.


    • Clean-burning with an emission rate of 3.40 g/kg when burned with the door open and the firescreen closed as tested with ASTM 2558 test protocol, ASTM 2558 is the Standard Test Method for Determining Particulate Matter Emissions from Fires in Low Mass Wood Burning Fireplaces


    • Clean-burning with an emission rate of 0.68g/kg when burned with the door closed as tested with ASTM 2558 test protocol.


    • Clean-burning with an equivalent emission rate of 3.9 g/hr when burned with the door closed.


    • Exempt as per the EPA Stove test protocol.



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