Stûv Compact-30

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The Stûv Compact-30

Stûv Compact-30. Modern and revolutionary.

Stûv Compact-30s are free-standing wood stoves that offer three variations of stove to best suit your home.   Offering open or closed fire, efficient heating with a great view of the fire,  year-round BBQ and even 360° rotation and heat accumulator on the Stûv 30 compact-H model. Three doors, three operating modes, Stûv 30 wood stoves have three doors that correspond to three operating modes. The “open” fire mode beckons people to gather around. The “closed fire” mode with a glass door magnifies the flames and warms the atmosphere. The “closed fire – full door” mode envelops the house in comforting warmth.


  • 360° rotation – The Stûv 30 has a minimalist design and can also be rotated 360° to face the desired direction.
  • Heat up to 900 ft² (33 000 BTU)
  • EPA Certified – Low Fine Particulate Matter Emissions
  • Stûv 30-compact H with heat accumulator that releases heat for several hours


EPA Certified – Low Fine Particulate Matter Emission
Color: StûvGrey (Compact + Compact-H) StûvBlack (Compact ONE)
Door: Standard 3 Doors (Compact + Compact-H) Glass Door Only (Compact ONE)
EPA Power: 17 049 BTU/h
Maximum Power 47 000 BTU/h
Nominal Heat Output: 33 000 BTU/h
Fine particle emissions 1.82 g/h
Combustion chamber 1.1ft3
Maximum Length of logs 10″

Added Finishings

Heat accumulator Stûv 30-compact H

A core made of refractory bricks accumulates some of the heat while the unit is in operation. Once the fire is out, the unit can radiate for many hours.

Fire screen Stûv 30

Used when the retractable glass door is open, it allows you to enjoy the open fire safely.

BBQ grill

Food cooks by radiant heat without touching the flames. The cooking juices are collected in the stainless steel tray, and the odours are drawn up through the chimney.


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