Valor Legend G3.5 Insert



With over two decades of design innovation and four generations of Legend DNA, it’s no surprise that the Legend G3.5 exudes radiance, high efficiency and the ultimate in comfort control. Clean trims and a large viewing area highlight warm, glowing flames within. A contemporary update for existing spaces, the Legend G3.5 is our latest addition to the highly successful Legend Insert family.


  • VDR (Valor Dynamic Restrictor) – Engineered to automatically adjust secondary combustion air within the fireplace, our brand new VDR Technology increases thermal efficiencies and radiant heat output.
  • Radiant Heat – Like heat from the sun, Valor fireplaces are designed to maximize radiant heat output. Travelling at the speed of light, radiant energy continuously warms objects in its path. When warming the human body, radiant heat satisfies your comfort needs with up to 25% less overall energy compared to forced air systems.
  • Valor Distinction – Contemporary steel trims create the perfect frame, showcasing spectacular flames within. Positioned inside the fireplace, engine controls are effectively “hidden” eliminating the need for space-consuming louvers. Both features are designed to further increase the overall viewing area and provide a seamless transition on surrounding wall surfaces.
  • No Power, No Problem – Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces are fully functional heaters that don’t require electricity (AC) for steady, efficient operation. Our fireplaces provide the perfect mixture of radiant and convective heat eliminating the need for a noisy, inefficient fan.
  • Valor Wall Mount Switch (1265WSK) – Turn your pilot light on & off with the touch of a switch


  • Firebed Options
    • The Legend G3.5 has 2 different firebed options – Traditional log and the Beachside Rock Set.
    • You also have 4 options for your firebox liner –
      Valor Red Brick, Enamel Black, Fluted Black Brick and Ledgestone Liner.
  • Surround Options
    • The G3.5 has 4 Floating Trim Kit options to choose from: Black (709FTB), Brushed Nickel (709FTP), Vintage Iron (709FTV) & Bronze (709FTZ).
    • In addition, you can also order 2 versions of a Backing Plate that goes behind the trim kit. Both versions are colored black but come in sizes: 26 & 7/8 Inches in height (710BPB) & 29 Inches in height (714BPB).


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