Supreme Astra 24 TD

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Supreme Astra 24 TD

The compact Astra 24 combines convenient versatility with luxurious functionality. It is perfect for limited spaces and can often fit into existing wall cavities, minimizing the need for extensive renovations. Yet with a large viewing area and the ability to accommodate logs up to 23 inches, the Astra serves as an efficient and striking centerpiece in any room.


Fuel Type: Wood
Firebox Size: 2.4 cu ft
Glass Size: 24″ x 13½”
Certifications: EPA 28 & 5G option 3, CSA B-415.1.10
                           UL 127-2011 and ULC S610-M87

BTU Maximum: 75,000 BTU/h
Heating Capacity: 1500 ft2
Emissions: 1.8 g/h


Standard Features

  • Premium Quality Blower (130 Cfm)
  • Removable Ash Lip
  • Patented Automatic Air Control
  • Chimney Sweeping Cap
  • Unique Door Operation
  • Hot Air System
  • Air Wash System
  • Innovative Baffle Design
  • Patented Variable Secondary Air Control
  • Reversible Panels
  • Cast-Iron Panels



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