Enviro C44 Direct Vent Specifications

Enviro C44 Heating Area: 1,700 ft²
BTU’s: 38,000
Direct Vent Efficiency: 64.5%
Glass Size: 504 in²
Convection Fan: Optional Dual Fan Kit
Unit Dimensions: 46” W x 16” H x 18” D
Consult manual for exact dimensions.
Specifications may vary based on selected options.

Dressing up the Enviro C44

There are numerous options to tailor the C44 direct vent  fireplace into your home.  Choose from the lighting kit or different media such as glass or logs.  Too much heat?  an optional heat reduction kit will allow the same flame height with less heat.  Still too much heat?  Use the Heat Distribution Kit to duct the heat into an adjacent room or closer to the ceiling above the TV mounted above the fireplace.  To frame your flame pick from Borderview surrounds in Nickel, Antique Copper, painted gray, or the new Brushed Black Nickel.

This is the mid size of C Series Linear direct vent fireplaces by Enviro that has grown to a family of linears.  For small or larger with the same features, consider the C34 or C60.  After the launch of this model in 2016, it quickly became a top seller.  Come and see us and you will know why.



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