Ortal Clear 40H70 TS



GLASS VIEWING AREA: 23.3″ wide x 27.6″ high
MAX BTU (NG): 23,700
MAX BTU (LP): 21,000
EFFICIENCY: NG – 79.5% LP – 73.9%
VENT: Direct Vent using 46DVA (6 inch diameter pipe) Optional Ortal 35CVS Power Vent System (Inline and Flush)
HEAT BARRIER: Standard with Screen Barrier
Wood Style: Charred Oak Clay Logs, Split Oak Ceramic Fiber Logs, Driftwood Logs, Mixed of long and short branches Ceramic Fiber Stones: Grey or White in large or small Polished Ceramic Glass: Colors in Amber, Black, Blue or Clear
INTERIORS: Standard matte black interior Optional black ceramic reflective glass
CONTROLS: Standard with Remote Control Optional Wall Switch

Due to fuel type, altitude and venting configuration, the flame height may differ from shown


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