Valor L1




Linear Design Meets Valor Performance

Showcasing leading edge design, quality finishes and high efficiency, the L1 Series combines Valor’s proven performance with the latest in linear design.

A highly effective radiant and convective heater, the L1 raises “”decorative widescreen”” fireplace standards. Low turndowns provide hours of comfort, efficiently distributing warmth where you want it – when you want it.


  • No Electricity Required No Fan
  • Programmable remote ValorStat Plus system – cruise control for your fireplace.
  • Heats without electricity – operates during a power outage.
  • Heats without the need for a fan.
  • Direct vent installs practically anywhere you want.
  • Rear vent out most above grade, exterior walls with no visible vent pipe.
  • Ceramic glass window.
  • Aluminized firebox and stainless steel burners for long life.
  • ValorComfort – limited lifetime warranty program.
  • Wall Mount Switch

Valor Wall Mount Switch (1265WSK)
Turn your pilot light on & off with the touch of a switch!

Remote Blower Kit (1270RBK)

Efficiently redistribute heat in multiple rooms from one fireplace!


  • Firebed Options
    • The L1 provides two stunning designs known as the Long Beach & Murano Glass, both backed by steady, radiant warmth. Firebed liners include sand fluted, black fluted and black reflective enamel.
  • Surround Options
    • The L1 has 3 Surround options to choose from: the 3.5″” Surround – Black (1550LSB), the 3.5″” Surround – Oiled Bronze (1550LSOZ) & the 1″” Finishing Trim Black (1555LFB).
  • Safety Screen
    • The L1 has an optional Barrier Safety Screen (1560LSG) that is recommended if you have children in the home.
  • Mantel Options
    • Solus Handcast Concrete Decor – Solus is a manufacturer of quality, custom built fireplace mantels. Solus mantels complement both contemporary and traditional room settings alike. For more information visit
  • ValorStat Plus Remote
    • The ValorStat Plus Remote Control gives you the power to select, adjust and program the desired temperature that you want. The built-in timer turns your fireplace ON to warm your home before you wake up and can be programmed to turn OFF after you go to bed.
    • The ValorStat Plus also has the ability to turn your pilot light ON and OFF from the programmable remote control. You’ll never have to get on your hands and knees to light the pilot again!


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