Valor LX2


LX2 Gas Fireplace

Valor’s multi-sided linear fireplace is ideal for perpendicular rooms and now offers two engine styles to choose from. The 3-Sided engine is designed for 180-degree enjoyment, while the Corner engines offers design flexibility. The LX2 provides outstanding radiant heat performance that will heat any living space. Available with splitwood, driftwood, rock and shale, and two types of glass fire beds, the LX2 will suit homeowners who value aesthetics, performance and safety.

The LX2 supports the Valor HeatShift System™, which is required for installations where surrounding structural areas must remain at cooler temperatures.


Model 2200KN | 2200KP | 2200L/RKN | 2200L/RKP
Max Input
36,000 |  36,000 |  36,000 | 36,000 
Min Input
19,000 |  21,000 | 19,000 | 21,000 
Max Output
26,028 | 26,028 |  25,975 | 25,975
 67.40% | 67.40% | 65.90% |  65.90%

Gas Type Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)
Remote Control Quick Guide | Manual
Framing & Venting Engine Type: 3-Sided or Corner.
Wall Control RBWSK
Additional Features Overhead lighting & safety screen.


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